Video - Travel and Real Life 旅游/生活

Friends, do you like to run? It is simply perfect weather outside right now to run, and our friend Jerod couldn't agree more! Today he is here to talk a little bit about his favorite hobby, and yes, it is running. Stay tuned! 这季节最适合到户外慢跑.文洁朋友Jerod谈他所爱的休闲跑步。


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Friends, do you wish sometimes just to be a child again and relive those youthful moments? Josh found that place, and it's in the middle of Chicago. Today, he will show you the Crown Fountain in Chicago's Millennium Park, where a kid (at heart or for real) can just be a kid. 德嘉许来到芝加哥的皇冠喷水池,一个孩童的天地,一个重温孩子梦的地方。


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